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SOUTH stage


mts + Ascen. Accum
  • Departure/Arrival: (Can Maçana) Vicenç Barber Refuge · Monastery · Refuge (Can Maçana) · Depending on the chosen pack.
  • Distance: 14 km
  • Accumulated difference: + / – 1,351 m
  • Season: all year except August (it's very hot)
  • Difficulty: Itinerary that runs through trails with constant ups and downs.
  • It is physically demanding.
  • Interest: the global vision that we will have of Montserrat (peaks, caves, viewpoints, necks, hermitages, needles ...)

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South Stage

Montserrat Monastery - Vicenç Barber Refuge
We propose the Monastery of Montserrat as the starting point of the journey and we will surround the mountain first on its southern slope through a network of paths that will gradually take us towards the essence of Montserrat, culminating in its two main peaks; San Jerónimo (1,236 m) and Montgrós (1,133 m), as well as Albarda Castellana (1,178 m), the highest peak in the Baix Llobregat region. until reaching the Vicenç Ferrer Refuge
The beginning of the stage is on very easy and popular terrain. We will pass by the Mirador, the Ermita and Pla de Sant Miquel and continue along the same cemented path to the Superior de Sant Joan station. From here we will walk over mountain terrain.
We will arrive at the Serra de las Garapatas Viewpoint where we can have fantastic views of the Collbató and following a continuous up and down we will reach the Hermitage of Sant Jeroni, where we will gain strength to reach the highest peak of Montserrat; Sant Jeroni (1,236 m). From the summit we will have an incredible 360º view and we will have already made the longest climb of the day. From this point they will become a series of ups and downs. We will travel the last few meters to the Verdaguer monument and climb towards the second peak of the Day, the Albarda Castellana (1,178 m), where with the help of some fixed ropes and without much difficulty we will be able to reach the same peak.
We will continue the path until we reach the Salamandra canal, an easy but very aesthetic and photogenic canal. It is a magical, narrow pass with vertical walls above us that will take us to the Montgrós pass. We are a few meters from the third peak of the day, Montgrós (1,133 m). From here we have a privileged view of the Agulles area. If it is not windy and the weather is good, it is a good place to have a bite to eat and let yourself be immersed in Montserrat. Another special place is the Coll de les Comes where the path passes between some needles. If we observe the subtlety of the path we are taking we will see how its layout follows the natural pace, even though at some moments it seems to us that the path must be cut off at one time or another.
Before arriving at the Vicenç Ferrer Refuge we will pass through several caves that we will have indicated on the track that we will provide you. Once at the refuge it is time to rest and regain strength in the middle of a privileged area, you can ask Llorenç; the refuge guard who is a great expert on the area what you need