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Contract conditions

General conditions

Making a reservation leads to acceptance of the operating rules and schedules of the establishment on which it is made. The establishments that appear on this page are either shelter, hostel / hostel or hotel. In the refuge, and except for specific exceptions, accommodation is in a shared multiple room, in many cases the use of a sleeping bag or similar is necessary. In many of the establishments, the menus that are served are closed, and there is no possibility of choosing between several dishes or a letter. 

The practice of mountain sports implies the acceptance of a certain risk of having an accident, since they are activities that can lead to dangerous situations. The practices carried out in our activities are not exempt from this risk. The participant with his registration assumes this reality.


Reservation and cancellations

To make an online reservation it is necessary to pay in full. The amount of this amount depends on the services that are reserved.

The conditions of return of the same are the following:

If the reservations are canceled before 15 days of the reservation date, the 100% of the amount charged will be refunded less the return costs and the reservation engine if these originate.

If they are canceled between 6 and 15 days, the 50% will be charged for the amount charged less the return and booking engine costs of the other 50% if they originate.

If they are canceled in the last 10 days of the reservation date, 100% of the total amount charged will be charged. will always prioritize proposing changes to open dates to the client in case of cancellations. In this case, will deliver a contract with the client with the amount and date to be used in the future.